if you want tHe ToPiC rOoM 3-6-0 to give you a call or give a shout-out to someone for you while we are on the air, then send us an email and put “Call Me” or “Shout-Out” in the subject line but be sure to include your telephone number and/or the message in the body of the email…or you can tweet it to us by using the hash-tag #calltpr or #shouttpr and attach your phone number and/or the message that you want us to give.

rAnDoM sHyT

If you want to know if someone is truly your friend then do this:

Do something for yourself…like, if you haven’t been keeping yourself up like you know you should, then go get your hair done or cut and do some appearance maintenance (like get a new outfit or something), do this for about three days.  If your friend goes out within the next few days to a week and do the same thing…don’t check’m, dismiss’m…nOw ThAt’S sOmE rAnDoM sHyT